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Individual courses


- How does it work?

For 60 minutes or more, you are one-to-one with your teacher, who will help you to achieve your objectifs. You can use your course to practise your French (or any other language), to get back your level, to prepare an exam or a job interview, for personal pleasure, ...


- Our formulas

Courses of 60, 90 or 120 minutes ... or more if you want. You can have just one lesson, or take advantage of the packs of 10 courses that we offer.

The time-schedule of the courses is adapted to your own schedule.

You can also "share" your teacher and come with your husband or wife, one or several friends, your neighbour, etc.

And what about taking an intensive course of 15 hours per week during which you completely immerse into the language?


- The advantages

The objectives and the course programmes are modified to your linguistic level.
The teacher will adapt the courses to your specific needs, and according to your expectations.

You can make the most of your class time to develop your fluency and to progress rapidly.


- Our prices

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