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French courses for Seniors


- For whom ?

These courses are for senior citizens wishing to learn or to perfect their French.

You are retired, enjoy making the most of your time and using it to enjoy yourself?

You would like to come to France, to combine the discovery of a region, the French language and culture, gastronomy, walking trips and tasting of regional products with the pleasure of learning and sharing knowledge and experiences?

Institut César Langues will be more than happy to give you this opportunity. We develop French courses in small groups, that are adapted to your wishes and needs!


- How does it work?

The whole year round, you can enrol for our individual courses "à la carte" or for our intensive courses.You can also enjoy our French Themed Courses (French and Wine - French and  Nature) all year round, provided you form a small group of participants in advance.

For example, a recently retired couple wants to come in May, with two friends. They want to follow a course of French and Nature. Their level in French is not exactly the same, but they all have basic knowledge in French. They ask if they can form one group.

Yes! Because we think that if you want to progress rapidly, you have to practise as much as possible. These courses are designed to teach you to SPEAK French in a precise context (here, nature) where each student has something to learn, whatever his or her level. So, we prefer to form a single dynamic and coherent group, adapting the courses to the level of each, in the knowledge that solidarity and helping others in the group are good for the learning environment.

The classes can contain 5 - 6 participants, so all of you can speak at ease and without restraints. In this way, you'll really enjoy the classes and improve your French considerably!


- The avantages

You'll find yourself in a studious and friendly learning environment. Your teacher will adapt the lessons to cater to your particular wishes and needs and according to your expectations.

You can come to Institut César Langues whenever your want, without being constricted to fixed dates. Our team will help you discover the city of Montpellier and its surroundings, as well as the regional culture. We'll do all we can to make sure you have a good time, instructive and most of all ... pleasant!


- Our prices

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